The highly qualified and dynamic healthcare professionals include Western board-certified doctors and accredited members of internationally recognized medical societies and associations. Visiting doctors also bring their specialties to the medical center on a regular basis.


UMC are truly committed to providing comprehensive, accessible and compassionate primary and preventive healthcare services


Further state-of-the-art equipment is available in the radiology department, reflecting the center’s promise to give patients access to the most advanced technology, including digital imaging equipment and a picture archiving and communication system, which allows doctors access to patient records and vital information without delay. The department employs a female women’s imaging consultant as well as a musculoskeletal radiologist and a consultant radiologist.


The center’s laboratory too is equipped with the very latest technology and medical equipment guaranteeing speedy and accurate results for those needing tests. And a barcode system is employed to ensure accurate cataloguing of patient samples.


UMC has In-patient facilities, fitted out with the most advanced equipment. The operating rooms have been designed in accordance with the highest certified international standards and feature the most rigorous precision systems for sterilization and air filtration. In addition, there is a special facility to liberate excess anesthetic gases. This is fitted with an electronic control unit to isolate it from the outside air and prevent the entry of even the smallest dust particles, which can be less than one micron in size.  And the walls and floors have been specifically lined with anti-bacterial and germ fighting material.


 The operating suite depends on an evolving digital system which is linked to radiology and laboratory to ensure ease of cross referencing on a patient’s condition and requirements.


UMC is one of the main specialized centers in the Middle East in the fields of Infertility Treatment and Assisted Reproductive Technology. Nowadays, it is a unique medical institution among the Middle East, thanks to exceeding all success rates approved globally by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. The medical and technical staff is very keen on achieving excellence and uniqueness while providing services and hope for achieving the dream of childbearing through tools and techniques being obtained. UMC is committed to providing quality control systems that help in obtaining the most accurate results, as well as contributing in maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of its patients.






To develop and create state of the art medical facilities and provide innovation healthcare services to create value for people.






To be the most trusted healthcare provider in medical excellence and patient experience.




Our strategic Goals


  1. To develop and operate new services.

  2. To provide state of the art medical facilities.

  3. To create full value for people.

  4. To provide ideal patient experience.

  5. To be regarded as organization of choice.

  6. To enhance quality improvement and patient safety culture.

  7. To involve, provide and promote healthcare awareness and education in the community.

  8. To insure effective and efficient human resource management system.

  9. To insure effective financial management system.

  10. To ensure effective and efficient information and technology management system.