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Widening of the vaginal tissue happens by natural birth and aging.  These events lead to loss of tone of mucus and more relaxation.

Lazer is also the first golden step to reverse the relaxation effect, treat vaginal atrophy and treat stress incontinence.

As patient used and using the lazer advanced machines, they are more confident in the results and happy seeing non-surgical technique, not painful, no recovery time as patient can immediately go to her daily activity.

Most of the patients and patients partners are happy about the results obtained and both partners in most of the cases are feeling the changes in their sexual life.

Most of the post-menopausal women were complaining of burning of vaginal, painful sex, repeated vaginal infection and UTI, all these symptoms improved by lazer therapy.

So lazer therapy will increase women self-confident and make their lower genital tract more young, well-nourished and rejuvenated.



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