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 SphenoCath Technology: A New and Effective Treatment for Migraine Patients


The University Medical Center of King Abdullah Medical City, managed by Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group, and in cooperation with NEURONOVA TECHNOLOGIES, has started a new procedure for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic migraine and other types of facial pain. SphenoCath Technology is an innovative procedure that is currently available in some specialized centers in the USA and Switzerland. The Kingdom of Bahrain is the third country in the world where this pioneering technique is being offered.



SphenoCath Technology is one of the most advanced migraine treatments. It also benefits patients suffering from cluster headache, facial pain caused by inflammation of the fifth nerve (trigeminal neuralgia), chronic temporomandibular joint pain, herpes zoster face pain, post-traumatic headaches, fibromyalgia and vasomotor rhinitis, as well as many other headache types.


This technique, done in the clinic, is based on blocking a structure called the SPHENOPALATINE GANGLION, by reaching it through the nasal cavity via the SphenoCath device, without needles and without pain. This procedure leads to closure of major pain pathways involved in headaches and face pain, leading to immediate improvement from the first session with quick and effective relief from migraine headache, as well as other associated symptoms, such as nausea, excessive sensitivity to sounds and light, and blurred vision.



This treatment is given in sessions once every 2-4 weeks and usually the patient needs between three to five sessions in total for maximum benefit, but the majority of patients feel better from the first treatment session.



Benefits of using the SphenoCath Technology:

 - Fast and easy procedure that takes about 15 minutes, done in the clinic.

 - Most patients get instant relief from pain.

- Very high success rate

- Safe for adults of all age groups, including pregnant women and even children.


 - Longer-lasting pain relief.


SphenoCath Technology uses:


-Migraine of all kinds. 

-Cluster headache 

- Facial pain caused by inflammation of the fifth nerve (Trigeminal Neuralgia). 

-Chronic pain of the jaw (temporomandibular joint pain). 

- Acute facial pain due to herpes zoster of the face. 

- Severe headaches that sometimes follow childbirth, due to anesthetic needle given in the lower back. 

-Vasomotor rhinitis (chronic nasal allergy). 

- Relief of face pain and headache following sinus operations. 




The Neurology Clinics at University Medical Center of King Abdullah Medical City started using SphenoCath Technology as part of a comprehensive treatment program for migraine and other headaches, with high success rate, in the hope of bringing pain relief to our patients and improve their quality of life.





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